At Ackama, our process is at the heart of everything we do, reflecting our commitment to delivering impactful technology and design solutions. Our approach is set into three pivotal stages: Discover & Define, Design & Develop, and Support & Secure.

Explore the services that confidently guide our process, and understand how we translate complex challenges into pragmatic, innovative outcomes.



Discover & Define

Initially, we align closely with our clients, discovering their needs through targeted workshops and strategic insights, laying a strong foundation for success in our Discover & Define phase.


Through User-Research, we get to the heart of what your audience really needs, shaping strategies and designs that connect with your audience.

Product Discovery

We identify key functionalities, prioritise features, and map user journeys, creating paths that direct the design and development process towards creating solutions that not only meet but anticipate user needs and business goals.


Using best practice research methods, we support businesses and users to identify and achieve their long-term objectives and future goals.

Design & Develop

This transitions into our Design & Develop phase, where our expertise in combining innovative design with technical efficiency comes to the forefront, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust backend systems.

Website Development

Dynamic, user-friendly CMS web platforms that power engaging digital experiences and streamline content management.

UX Audit

We identify areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to enhance the user experience and achieve business goals.

User Experience

Refining your product with designs that are easy to use, ensuring a smooth and valuable experience for your customers.

Bespoke Software

Designing custom software solutions tailored precisely to your unique business needs, ensuring functionality, scalability, and innovation.


Accelerating innovation with DevOps services that bridge software development and IT operations for faster, more efficient deployment cycles.

Support and Secure

The journey is sustainably supported with Support & Secure, where our CodeCare service guarantees the ongoing performance and security of digital platforms, displaying our dedication to reliable, sustainable solutions.

Cloud Operations

Our cloud operations services ensure robust, efficient, and secure management of your cloud infrastructure, optimising performance and reliability.

Data Engineering & Business Intelligence

By structuring and analysing data, we equip you with the insights necessary for strategic decision-making and enhancing your product or service.




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Our Focus Areas


Ackama, an accredited supplier for Australian and New Zealand Governments, excels in cloud platforms, open-source software, and user design. We enhance digital government services, driving efficiency and better social outcomes through significant platform changes and expert navigation of complex digital landscapes.


Ackama has over a decade of expertise in technology and design to pioneer digital transformations in the Energy sector. Specialising in strategic solutions and modernisation, we support the clean energy transition with a focus on quality, innovation, and community engagement, making us a trusted partner in energy’s future.


Ackama partners with enterprises to drive digital innovation and transformation. Our expertise in bespoke software, cloud solutions, and user-centred design empowers large organisations to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve strategic goals, marking us as a pivotal ally in navigating and thriving in today’s complex digital landscape.


Ackama supports the Impact sector, focusing on charitable organisations to enhance sustainability efforts. Our approach integrates thoughtful technology and design to assist nonprofits in achieving their goals, ensuring they make a lasting difference in their communities through practical design and technology solutions and genuine, meaningful partnerships.

Find some examples of work we have done and the impact it’s created.

Virtual Climate Summit Online Event

Delivering an global platform for the Climate Vulnerable Forum led by Pacific nations

New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary

Yarra Valley Water

An opportunity to set the standard in user-centered design for a major Melbourne water utility