The Project at a Glance

The Challenge

To deliver the world’s first virtual political summit - an entirely online carbon-free event.

Our Solution

Digital consultancy, project delivery, website design and build, and providing a comprehensive event management solution for the 24-hour Summit.

What We Delivered

Digital consulting
Project management
Governance design
Website delivery

Moderation platform
24 hour event support
Programme design
Promotional assets

The Outcome

Submissions from over 40 countries.
Engagement from dozens of partner organisations.
Significantly reduced emissions in comparison to similar events.

Climate Vulnerable Forum website designed by Ackama

A Virtual Summit

In late 2018 Ackama worked with the Climate Vulnerable Forum to deliver a Virtual Climate Summit.

Chaired by President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands, The Climate Vulnerable Summit is a key part of the Talanoa Dialogue bringing together leaders from around the world to commit to acting on climate change, and to involve scientific experts, NGOs and the public in the process.

The Virtual Climate Summit, which took place over 24 hours, was the world’s first virtual political summit. The Forum was made up of 48 frontline nations tackling global warming to survive and thrive in the face of climate threats. The event was scheduled ahead of the COP24 Katowice Climate Change Conference 

Highlights from the Summit included statements from Aotearoa’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw, as well as Australian Assistant Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Anne Ruston. It also featured prominent climate change activists such as Former US Vice President, Al Gore and Former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg as keynote speakers. 

The Climate Vulnerable Forum's Virtual Summit 2018 logo

A call for action

The groundbreaking and globally-reaching Summit had a strong call to action for people to understand what they can do to address climate change. Big problems require big thinking, reaching across political and geographical divides and working together across all levels, from individual up to government. Watch the Summit closing statement compilation.

The entire 24-hour Summit broadcast is available on-demand through