“We’ve done more in the last four years to respond to the climate crisis than the accumulated efforts of governments over the last thirty”

– Minister of Climate Change, Hon. James Shaw on the NZ Government ETS Policy

Ackama was tasked with building a robust and secure digital platform that operates the quarterly auction of New Zealand Emission Units, key to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Ackama’s role is to deliver an accessible, reliable service that gives participants confidence in the process and outcome of auction results.

Hon. James Shaw on the Relaunch of the ETS in New Zealand

“We’re starting to see a more mature futures market. You’re starting to see businesses that are saying, actually, we’re going to do what we can to change our industrial processes, reduce the amount of pollution we’re putting into the atmosphere in the first place.”

– Minister of Climate Change, Hon. James


NZX Partnering Experience

“We needed partners that were agile, that were responsive to changes, that were able to make adjustments as we worked through that development phase. And we found that Ackama fitted that bill perfectly.”

– Shane Dinnan, Head of Energy Markets at NZX

A Cohesive Team Approach

“Our developers had to make sure they were really clear with our client about what their options were, and the pros and cons of them. And our client had to take that on board and ask great questions and make sure they knew what they were getting”

– Kim Partridge, Head of Delivery

Reliable Government Services on AWS

“The emissions trading scheme legislation was evolving as we were delivering the app. So we knew we would need a very genuinely agile approach to this project… AWS lets us build services that are very reliable and it is very easy to scale a service to multiple data centres or even multiple geographic regions, often with just a click of a button”

– Eoin Kelly, Lead Architect

Ackama is Passionate About Creating Technology for Positive Change

Spanning both New Zealand and Australia, we specialise in cloud platforms, open-source software and end-user design.

We’ve established a strong record of delivering significant platform changes and enabling agencies to thrive in complex digital environments.

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