Ackama Group welcomes Simon Julian to its board

The Ackama Group is pleased to announce the addition of Simon Julian to its board.

Simon is an experienced and energetic Startup CoFounder, Executive and Company Director. He is a proven leader in organisation design and management, innovation, digital, customer experience, startup business, and people leadership. Simon has worked extensively across travel, finance, energy, consulting and agency in a variety of strategic, operational, sales and leadership roles.

He says, “I’m really excited about the potential future for the Ackama Group. They have been through a lot of growth over the last couple of years and have ambitions to do quality digital work that has a big and lasting impact both in the private and public sector. I’m looking forward to being able to contribute to their goals and take the organisation to the next level.”

Simon is particularly interested in energy, sustainability, for-purpose organisations and the power of community, with current career focus areas being fintech, blockchain and start-up/agency consulting. He is an advocate for STEAM education for girls and working to improve educational and employment opportunities and openings for women across the tech and digital.

Simon has been an active participant in startups in web agency, consulting, finance and energy and is passionate about helping startups to collaborate with larger companies and organisations in disrupting traditional value chains and industries – specifically where there is the opportunity for real-world change.

Breccan McLeod-Lundy, founder and CEO of the Ackama Group, says, “Simon’s experience makes him the perfect addition to our board. He understands the Australian market well, which we started operating in last year, and he knows the industries that we want to support. Most importantly, he has overseen a similar business as it grew from tens to hundreds of people, an ambition that we have for Ackama.”

Simon joins Breccan McLeod-Lundy, Josh Forde and Victoria Spackman (Chair) on the Ackama Group board.

Simon Julian


For further information, please contact:
Kim Partridge
Account Manager
021 588 251

Ackama Group includes three software development companies, Ackama NZ, Squareweave and Prefer, with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne.