Rabid's new space!

Rabid has a new Wellington home!! We’re now located at Level 2, 50 The Terrace. We’re tucked away off the street, so if you want to come visit you’ll need to enter via 44 The Terrace, head through the lobby and down the stone steps to the right, and then head down the wood-panelled hallway to the stairs or lifts at the end.

New Space 1Rabid

The new Rabid office

One of the advantages to being off the street is that our office gets lots of sun through our north facing windows, and we get to look out over lots of greenery, which is such a privilege with a central Wellington office. We’ve all been enjoying watching the tuis play in the kowhai trees over the past couple of weeks.


As the Office Manager, I was responsible for all of the logistics around getting us moved, using a Trello board for tracking all the things which needed to be done before the move (construction work, getting fibre, ethernet & wifi set up before we moved in, getting signage installed, additional furniture, organising vendors both outgoing, new and changing – cleaners, recycling services, regular deliveries, etc) and a million other small things).

Moving can be disruptive and challenging for any company, so we did everything we could to minimise the impact. Staff were asked to pack up their own desk on the Friday (or earlier if they were on leave), and then movers did their magic on Friday night. I went into the new space on Saturday to sign off and spent a few hours unpacking the shared spaces (meeting rooms, kitchen & reception) so that all our team had to do on Monday was reconnect their own computers and get on with their day.

And we love the new space! It’s bright and spacious, and has more room for us as we grow. We’ve put up railings on the walls in our work spaces and our meeting rooms so that we can move whiteboards and pinboards to anywhere we want, which allows us to be flexible as we figure out how the space works best for us. We’ve got a great kitchen and cafe space where those of us who want to can hang out together over lunch (we could only fit about 4 of us together in the old kitchen!), and a boardroom table we can actually fit all of us around!


This also means we have spare space at the moment, so we’re looking for office mates. If you have a small to medium team (we have 15 spare desks at the moment), and think sharing space sounds like a great idea, get in touch with me at amy@rabidtech.co.nz, and let’s talk!