Wellington developer Rabid acquires Auckland's Resistor

Wellington based software consultancy Rabid has acquired Auckland development house Resistor for an undisclosed sum.

Rabid’s CEO, Breccan Mcleod-Lundy, says the acquisition accomplishes three goals.

“It reassures our Auckland client base by making our presence there physical, it significantly increases our export business and, importantly, gives us another team of strong developers to keep up with demand”.

Resistor CE James Harton is delighted with the result.

“The combination of Rabid’s strong consulting and development smarts will offer expanded capability to our clients both in New Zealand and overseas and allow faster delivery of more services”.

Best known for developing technology for startups such as PledgeMe (Pledgeme.co.nz), Rabid has an array of clients of all sizes across New Zealand.

“Rabid took the time to understand our objectives and deliver solutions that made us better as an organisation” says Mark Johnston, CEO at Retail New Zealand.

“We love working with Breccan, Josh and co, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the new expanded team can deliver”.

Mcleod-Lundy says: “Rabid is experienced and comfortable working with clients remotely, so we anticipate a smooth integration of the Resistor team into the broader organisation”.

“The new office is only an hour’s flight away. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”


For further information, contact:
Paul Brislen,
Brislen Communications,
021 988 896

ABOUT RABID: Rabid is a Wellington-based consultancy, expert in modern web development with wide interests and top-notch skills. Rabid contributes to open source communities and favour projects that do good.

ABOUT RESISTOR: Resistor is a software development shop based in Devonport, Auckland that specialises in high quality Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development.

Rabid Technologies Ltd.
15 October 2015